Jonathan Haller, GIS Mapping Expert and Data Analyst


Bridgton - CentralJonathan Haller, GIS Mapping Expert and Data Analyst has more than 15 years of experience in GIS and has been involved in the analysis and mapping of several projects. He joined PSSG in 2014.

Mr. Haller began his career by performing data management and database design tasks for a small land development company in Tucson, Arizona. Subsequently, he worked for several companies in southern Arizona as an archaeological technician, focusing on mapping and field data collection.

Mr. Haller worked with the Ricon Valley Arizona Fire District to evaluate GIS technologies and the ability of the District to further its capacity to digitize data.

Since joining the PSSG team he has provided mapping, drive time analysis, response time review, and data analysis for the Boston, Massachusetts, Bridgton Maine Fire Department, Bedford Massachusetts Fire Department, Salem Massachusetts, Thornton Colorado, and the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.