Rick Bailey, Assistant Director

Rick Bailey has more than 35 years of law enforcement and public safety experience. A former Chief of Police, he led a full service department while improving community relations and enhancing department operations. Prior to serving as Chief, he was a Captain in Nashua, the second largest police department in New Hampshire.

He possesses expertise in organizational development, policies and procedures, criminal investigations, juvenile operations, narcotic interdiction, prosecution, community policing and uniform operations (including patrol, bicycle and motorcycle units). While in Nashua, he was responsible for adjusting patrol operations in relation to major developments in the city including retail, hotel, commercial operations and residential growth. In addition, he was the Prosecutor for the Nashua Police Department for ten years.

Mr. Bailey was also responsible for grant writing and management, program development and evaluation, and crime analysis activities. During his tenure he supervised the Problem Orientated Policing Unit (POP), had oversight for the National Institute of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Community Orientated Policing, Office of Violence Against Women, Executive Office of Public Safety, Governor’s Highway Safety Bureau, Cross-Border Initiative, Drug Task Force, Byrne, Bullet Proof Vest and other grant programs.

Mr. Bailey has developed innovative programs involving police departments, schools, businesses, civic organizations, courts, advocacy groups and other agencies. Issues addressed included juvenile crime, gangs, traffic safety, elder protection, child identification, school safety and other quality of life issues. He created a process for the continual review and testing of department members on all policy and procedures and rules and regulations with emphasis placed on high-risk incidents.

Recently, he lead efforts to complete regional emergency response plans, conducted hiring oral boards, updated policies and procedures, developed community programs, assessed technology, determined staffing needs, prepared grant applications and provided strategic consulting services to municipalities in a variety of locations. In addition, he has facilitated leadership training on a national and international level. He recently participated in management projects for the San Francisco Police Department, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the State of Vermont.

Richard Bailey is a graduate of the 191st session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy and the 31st New Hampshire Police Academy. He holds a B.S. in Management from Franklin Pierce College and an M.S. in Criminal Justice from Fitchburg State College.