Richard Rochon

Richard Rochon, has more than 35 years of fire services experience.  Mr. Rochon started with the Westford MA, Fire Department in 1976 and served as Fire Chief and EMS Director from 1995 to July of 2013. Mr. Rochon has served on the Hazardous Materials Policy board, appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts and remained on the board for 5 years. Mr. Rochon also served as the President of Fire District 6, representing 18 communities in the district for several years (2003-2009) and served as a Board of Director for the Fire District with the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts (FCAM) from 2009-2013. Mr. Rochon sat as a member on the NERAC interoperability committee as part of Northeast Homeland Security Planning Region from 2005-2013, responsible for the Fire Control Point Microwave project and Fire Apparatus Tracking software.

Mr. Rochon retired after 37 years of service and continues to serve in the FCAM Chiefs mentoring program to help new Fire Chiefs optimize their effectiveness through building a network of professional colleagues and potential mentors as well as providing new and current Fire Chiefs with the opportunity to obtain competent, reliable, and consistent assistance by qualified peers when needed.